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Let DM Flows handle the top-of-funnel and enable your closers to close. 

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DM Flows Clients Tell the Story

DM Flows has taken the initiative for this B2B SAAS business by doing leads prospecting, email verification, campaign set-up, email automation, and LinkedIn Outreach.

Watch the CEO himself sharing his experience of working with DM Flows.

Arun, Founder and CEO of FunnelEnvy was looking for a B2B growth and demand generation head to scale up their bottom funnel and help them in sales operations management. We have helped them in building sales engagement via inbound marketing automation, Outbound sales funnels and content marketing.

Dave has worked with DM Flows for quite a while. We have helped Dave achieve sales targets for his business by doing Cold Email Outreach & Prospecting in the best possible way.

“Watch Dave highly recommend working with us”.


“Stop Procrastinating”

Lean more towards lead generation & email outreach

Why you should choose DM Flows?

Full Time Employee

DM Flows

SDR’s + Manager + Hiring Cost + Tools
= $ 303,200 per annum

Including SDR’s + Managers + Tools
= $ 27,000 per annum

  • 3 months to find the right hire.
  • Agencies take 1-2 months to things going.


  • We are fast! We launch campaigns within a week after onboarding a client and we deliver results within a few weeks of onboarding.
  • High-Risk
  • Agencies charge a high amount upfront. 
  • Long-term commitments
  • A bad hire can cost you $ and waste of time.
  • We are professional in this space.
  • We have helped 10+ B2B businesses in a sales engagement.
  • We guarantee the risk-free.
  • Our growth meeting with you every week.
  • We don’t sign long-term contracts. 
  • Lack of communication.
  • Don’t do weekly growth meetings and share their stats
  • We believe communication is the key to the success of any project.
  • We do growth meetings every week and deliver the results to clients. 
  • Takes much time on learning the business but charges for that as well.
  • Excuses in the first 6 months. 
  • We cover sales process, strategy, and implementation.
  • We are a team of professionals to get succeed on any project.

Who says Email Marketing is dead? 

See the results yourself! We ran a lot of successful Email campaigns lately

  • Sent                   192
  • Opened             143
  • Clicked              29
  • Replied              62
  • Interested         25
  • Sent                   310
  • Opened             218
  • Clicked              49
  • Replied             103
  • Interested         29

What Our Cusomers Say About Us

David O'Rourke

IM Holding

I hired Muhammad Imran J. to help with prospecting new leads and cold email outreach. He is been a pleasure to work with and brings professional skills and knowledge to the table and has added tremendous value to these efforts. He is always executing tasks on time with minimal assistance and guidance. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for these services and someone fantastic to work with.

David O'Rourke

Manuchehr Kurbonali img


Imran and his team are responsible and responsive. I would recommend them to others without hesitation.

Manuchehr Kurbonali

Jason St. Clair

Jacity Heating

Muhammad is very hard worker. He reached out to over 600 potential clients in a very short period of time. To ensure success he worked more hours without charge. I would definitely recommend Muhammad.

Jason St. Clair

Business Owner
Paul Seibert

Seibert Consulting Group – Oracle | NetSuite Solution Provider

Consummate professional; very dedicated to working, experienced, and knowledgeable. High level of email marketing domain knowledge. Trustworthy and reliable.
Highly recommended

Paul Seibert

Jill Paiz-Bourque


I hired Muhammad I. J. to work on our lead gen and outreach process. He is very knowledgeable and proactive in his approach. He helped our team tremendously and would be a great addition to anyone who is looking to level up their outreach program.

Jill Paiz-Bourque

Founder & CEO


Imran was very fast in understanding our business and our needs. He was very successful in
finding the best potential. Hope to work with him in the near future

Ruud Reijmerink

Consultative Business Development Manager eFulfilment


Imran has been a great marketing partner and consultant. A key addition to the team that has helped us accelerate our programs and campaigns. Love that he and his team bring a lot of expertise and hands-on experience to the engagement in SEO/SEM, email.
CRM/marketing automation, reporting. data management, and campaign execution.
Definitely recommend working with Imran and we are actually starting up a new contract shortly so excited to continue the partnership.

Arun Sivashankaran