To win an effective B2B SAAS Email strategy, it is important to streamline the whole automation process. But the question arises here, what are the challenges you may face and how to tackle those challenges.

You might lose tens of grand of $$$ every month if you repeat these 5 deadly mistakes in your B2B SaaS email strategy.

These are the mistakes that should be avoided:

  1. Not segmenting the prospects
  2. Not planning email sequences 
  3. Not doing A/B testing enough
  4. Not reusing your copy
  5. Not resending emails

Let’s discuss them in detail……


  1. Not segmenting your data

Data Segmentation is necessary if you want to personalize your campaign even more. Remember, the more personalized your data is, the more you can understand their pain points. 

C-Level persons are the decision makers majority of the time. But you should also keep an eye on the Marketing persons and Growth Managers of the companies. Try to personalize your campaign according to their Job Title. 

You can also Segment your data by:

  • Timing
  • Actions
  • Activity level
  • Interest level
  • Place in journey
  • Buying decisions

Suppose your prospect is sitting in the Pacific Time Zone and you’re sending him the emails in the Central Time Zone. This does not make sense. The better you know your audience.

The higher the conversions.

I mean… The average online worker spends 28% of his work week on email (more than 11 hours a week)

Your users get flooded with emails. But their attention is 100% in their inbox. So if you don’t talk directly to them, their needs/pains and their precise situation.

You won’t get the click.


Segment as much as you can…

  1. Not planning your email sequences

Here’s what you should do:

  • Create more sequences with fewer emails

Referring to the previous point. Create more sequences after segmenting your data rather than creating dozens of emails without the segmentation. In this way, your campaign will look more personalized and will hit the target. 

Here’s what you should not do:

  • Think you need a certain number of emails in a sequence

Hope now you understand what you should do.

Now look…

After days 3-4, your open rates drop straight down. So instead of doing one 12-email long sequence. Write 3 emails for 4 different sequences after segmenting the data

(12 emails total)

Those 12 emails will be way more relevant (Higher open rates, higher conversions)

Because remember:

Emails are all about relevancy.

Sending an email 12 days later because they signed up for your free plan isn’t effective. (Different scenario for a free trial)

But guiding your users through the steps of the process while following their actions and non-action is the right play.


  1. Not A/B testing enough


Every email should be A/B tested.

Yes… Every email.

If your emails aren’t being tested right now. 

You are losing money.

The only exception is if you tried at least 3 rounds of A/B testing and they were all losers (of 1 email)

Leave it for a while and come back to it later.

Now what and how should you A/B test?

Here’s what you can test:

  • CTA’s
  • Timing
  • Structure
  • Sent name
  • Copywriting
  • Preview text
  • Subject lines
  • Images + videos + Gifs
  • Number of emails in a sequence

And how much should you test? One variable? 3? 6?

ONE variable at a time.

Just ONE.

Otherwise, you won’t see which variable was the cause of success or loss.


  1. Not reusing your copy

Imagine you send an email and BOOM!

Incredible results!

Instead of extracting more juice from the email. You move on to the next email. That would be such a waste…

Here’s what you should do instead :

Whenever an email is amazing.

Study it.

Even more?

Copy it.

Edit it slightly and add It to a pertinent flow.

To some other sequences.

Reuse it as much as you can.

But seriously. Don’t just throw it in the trash.


  1. Not resending emails

Great emails take time.






Psychological path

No doubt about it – quality emails take time

So to answer your question:

“Should I really resend my email to non-openers?”


Yes, you should resend emails.

Just not ALL of them.

Resending every one of your email campaigns is dumb.

So why would you bother resending emails?

  • It gives unopened recipients a chance to engage
  • It gives users who opened but didn’t click another chance to click
  • You can A/B test (Copy, images, etc.) to see which version works best

Okay cool.

You understand why you need to resend emails.

Now how do you do it?

  1. Resend the same email as before?


  1. Send a slightly edited version of the original email?

I’ll give you a hint – it’s NOT option #1.

That’s where A/B testing comes in again.

You’ll change ONE aspect and analyze the results.

If it’s better than the original…

Tweak the original.

But wait a sec…

Who should you resend your email to?

Your entire email list?

Of course not.

Your best candidates are:

  • Non-openers
  • Non-clickers

Wait between 2-5 days before resending (Especially for non-clickers)

Tweak the copy or the structure and make sure you are resending for a good reason.

Think about your user first. Only resend if it’s relevant or a crucial part of your funnel.

Otherwise don’t resend it.

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