Case Studies

We have booked demos with a range of prospects from different industries such SaaS, Marketing Agencies, Consultant, IT, Food & Beverages. We’ve seen success in 80% of our clients through email, social channels and calling. Are you curious to see how we can put numbers on the board?

We worked with a 3PL logistics company based in Netherlands and helped them in getting ecommerce businesses. We collected the data of ecommerce stores who are based in the United States and selling products in Europe so they can get a warehousing and shipping facility in the United Kingdom.

90 Sales Opportunities with worth $40K in Pipeline in 30 day

Our client was a SaaS startup, Pull Request as a Service business’. We worked with them and helped them in getting open source projects from contributors via cold outreach. We have generated upto 40% response rate and 35% interested leads using single channel outreach.

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